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Coronavirus and Therapy

This page explains a little about how we might find ourselves affected by the Covid-19, and the ways in which therapy can continue to be available to you through these uncertain times.

Managing strange times

We currently find ourselves in uncertain and worrying times. The Coronavirus pandemic has placed many under enormous stress, as we struggle to stay calm and steady during a period of enormous uncertainty. We find ourselves in a situation which is unprecedented in most people's lifetimes.

This fast changing landscape, or rather our response to it, can take us on a rollercoaster ride of difficult and frightening feelings that can threaten to overwhelm us. This situation can leave us feeling helpless, angry, scared, panicky and anxious, lonely and isolated, and on our own with reactions we're struggling to make sense of or to manage. We can find it hard to see a way forward, or to see how it's all going to work itself out.

The importance of being aware

There is a reality to some of these reactions we're experiencing: the threat to many, in terms of health or livelihood, is very real. However, times of stress and change and the unknown can also trigger reactions in us that are about other times we've known, other changes, other times of threat or loss or confusion, and these can have the effect of exacerbating and pre-existing symptoms we may have.

So we may find our depression or anxiety returning, physical symptoms of stress or panic gripping us, old habits or addictions rearing their head.

These can affect our ability to perceive things accurately, or in a balanced way that might help us. We can find it hard to tell what's reasonable and what isn't. Our mind won't be still, and keeps jumping from one fearful thought to another, or keeps escaping into manic activity.

The importance of seeking help

It's so important to seek help sooner rather than later if we start to notice this happening. That might involve talking with a friend or someone we trust, or checking the facts in a responsible way from trusted sources.

It might include looking after our physical and emotional well-being with fresh air in the countryside, doing things we find relaxing or soothing, exercise, meditation. Laughter helps, too!

However, sometimes these don't feel enough. At such times, it's okay to acknowledge we can't do it on our own, with the resources we've got available, and that we need some help from someone experienced in helping people through difficult times.

On our own, we can go round and round in circles, trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel, or the magic wand that will suddenly make everything feel better. What we really need, when this happens, is to talk with someone who can help us to ground ourselves again, help us to think things through, make plans, learn techniques and tools to help us cope, and help us to join things up and make some sense of why we're feeling this way.

Help during Covid-19

In view of the coronavirus pandemic, it has felt important to take care of us all by putting some
measures in place to do our best to limit risks of spreading it in this practice, and to therefore work together to keep everyone, especially those who are particularly vulnerable, as safe as we can.

Currently, this means that all sessions will be via either phone, Skype, via online chat or via email.

A variety of options are available

It may be that you feel happier to self-isolate, or that circumstances make it difficult to access help face to face.

It's entirely possible to talkin a variety of ways, depending upon what feels most comfortable and helpful to you. The main thing is that there is no reason to not be able to access the help you need.

Many people conduct therapy in the following ways already, in terms of their regular sessions. They are also available to you. They include:





Messenger chat

If there are other secure ways which are more familiar to you, do please feel free to ask if these could be possible.

The aim is to make accessing help as straightforward and easy as it possibly can be.

You don't have to do this on your own. It's okay to reach out. If we don't look after ourselves, how can we be of any use to someone else? We're all in this together!

For more information, or to book an initial appointment, follow the links at the top of this page, or phone/text +447757 706426 .

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