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Making an appointment

Making an initial appointment is easy.

To leave a voicemail or send a text message asking us to contact you, or to explain a little of what is troubling you, please contact us on 07757 706426.

Alternatively, you can use the links at the top of the Home Page or in the side bar. CLICK HERE

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What to expect in your first session

We understand how nerve-wracking it can feel to come and see a total stranger for the first time, especially when we are feeling vulnerable or upset, and know we need help.

We worry about how to explain what's going on for us, and whether our therapist is going to understand.

We might worry that they will think we're making a fuss about nothing, or 'being silly.'

What if we get tearful, or feel overwhelmed or find it hard to get our words out?

It feels really important to say that all of these feelings and concerns are completely normal, and that everyone who comes along to see a therapist feels exactly this way. It might also be helpful to say that we, too, have sat in your chair, many years ago now, with our own therapist, full of those same worries and anxieties. So we have a pretty good idea how you'll be feeling, and will very quickly help you to feel comfortable and put you at ease.

We won't categorise you or diagnose you with a tick box list. We will instead see you as uniquely you, needing a correspondingly unique set of solutions, which suit your personality, circumstances and environment.

We'll help you talk about what's brought you, and we'll help you to explore how things have got to where they are now, help you start to make some sense of what's going on, and towards the end we'll discuss with you what the best way forward seems to be.

This is an entirely equal process, we'll give you lots of input, but encourage you to reflect on what we're saying and what you also think feels right.

Often, people feel able to decide straight away whether or not they'd like to come into therapy for a while, and we then negotiate together how long we'll work together for, and how.

Sometimes, however, people feel they'd like to go away and think about it, or to discuss it with their family. That is perfectly acceptable, and no pressure will be put on you in any way. All you have committed to is an initial session to meet and see it this is for you.

We will do our best to make that process as comfortable and useful as possible.

How much do sessions cost?

A 50 minute face to face session costs £60.

Online services are charged pro rata.

For reiki and other holistic therapies, please get in touch so that we can give you a fee for the specific treatment, and length of treatment, you would like.

Making an Appointment and Fees. Nicky's Counselling Room

For more information, or to book an initial appointment, follow the links at the top of this page, or phone/text +447757 706426 .

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